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Here you will find a list of the software I've made public so far.

  • AmigaDT - Amiga Development Tools for Eclipse
  • Atari800 - Port of the Atari 800 Emulator for AmigaOS 4.0
  • Freeciv - Native Amiga port of Freeciv => 1.14.0
  • GraphCanvas - Custom SWT Widget for displaying graphs
  • IconCopy - Copy icons (shell command)
  • MobileDing - A mobile java application for Ding files (dictionary)
  • NList - A new List Custom Class for MUI
  • NListtree - A Listtree Custom Class for MUI
  • Pic2Icon - Convert pictures into icons
  • PS - Toolmanager Clone
  • SimpleClock - Simple analogue clock for OS3.5
  • SimpleDance - Visualize Dancesteps
  • SimpleFind - Look for files onto the Harddisk
  • SimpleFind3 - Improved SimpleFind
  • SimpleHTML - View HTML Files
  • SimpleMail - EMail Client
  • SimplePac - Pacman for the Workbench
  • SimplePost - Postscript Previewer
  • Sokoban - The well known game for Nokia6310i
  • Text Datatype - Replacement for the text.datatype prior OS3.9
  • XPM Datatype - Datatype for XPM graphics files

Other software projects

Next to my own projects, also contributed something into serveral other projects. Here is a short overview about this work.


The biggest and probably most interesting one is the AmigaOS4 project for my beloved Amiga computer, of course. All my software I contributed for OS3.9 will be also part of OS4 and there will be at least a single new contribution from me.


AmigaOS is my favourite operation system so it is no miracle that I also to take part on the AROS. At first I contributed only my text.datatype but more stuff neededed to be done here. For some time I took over Zune developement and I was interested to bring a TCP/IP stack into AROS. However my current time schedule only allows it do help there in a very unregular lags. However especially the latter requires still a lot of work.


As I'm a big fan MUI on AmigaOS I took David Le Corfec's originally for XWindows developed Zune MUI clone and enhanced it a lot, while I dropped the XWindows support completly. I did this as part of the AROS source tree. Eventually it became the main GUI system of AROS. My hopes and goals with Zune is to provide a fully compatible MUI GUI which is OpenSource for AmigaOS. In the mean time Zune development really has done big improvments and it's nice to see that even David came back and took over a major role in its further development.


I came in touch with lwIP when looking for a TCP/IP Stack for AROS. It is a light weight TCP/IP stack and so it designed especially for embedded devices. It is hosted on Savannah since some time. My only contribution to it is the adding of raw ip and sockets. However, this project is interesting enough for me to keep an eye on it :)


Of course there are a lot of other interesting projects I at least contribute something. Especially Freeciv and Atari800 comes into my mind where I also am responsible for the Amiga operation ports. Also a very exiting project seems to be Kaffe don't you think? ;)


News about my software projects.

Java Application (MDIP 1.0) Mobile Ding released.
SimpleMail version 0.26 has been released.
First OS4 version of SimpleHTML and the derivated simplehtml.datatype has been released.
SimpleMail version 0.25 has been released.

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