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SimpleDance is a tool to enter and to visualze dance patterns with help of the footsteps. It has a nice GUI and it's written in Java so it should be quiet portable accross different platforms.


simpledance_win.zip1114.8 KB(Version 0.7: 26.3.2003)Windows user should try this. Includes SWT.
simpledance.zip120.4 KB(Version 0.7: 26.3.2003)Only includes direct SimpleDance. It doesn't include SWT.

System requirements


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Version 0.8 (On WindowsXP)Version 0.6 (On WindowsXP)Version 0.1 (On WindowsME)


You might ask why I wrote this tool? The reason is that I started dancing somewhen in 2002. And I'm still at a very beginning level. As I have sadly have no photographical memory I simply regulary forget the steps I have learned recently. After the lessons I often searched through the internet and suprisendly I haven't found any good site of dance patterns.
Then I found Dance a tool written by Markus Bader. It consits of some dance patterns and a way to create new easily. Yes and this is what SimpleDance is trying to do as well. In fact, if you compare both you will see that Dance has inspirated the development of SimpleDance a lot.
There are more than reason for writting SimpleDance and not using Dance for me. At first the GUI of Dance doesn't seem to be modern and usable for me. I think such a tool should have a lot of better graphical user interface (not saying the the current GUI of SimpleDance is really satisfying). Then this is my first non Amiga computer related project I started. I think I can get some new expierence from writeing it. And a last one is that Dance costs something ;)


05/04/2003Version 0.7
  • Finetuned some patterns
  • New Pattern: Disco Fox - Basic Movement
  • Improved the "Detailed Step Overview"
  • Added "stop playing" and "play single frames" (both forward and backward) buttons
03/28/2003Version 0.6
  • Finally some nice ToolBar Icons created by Martin Merz. Great thanks to him!
  • New Pattern: Vienesse Walz - Natural Turn
  • New Pattern: Rumba - Rope Spinning
03/06/2003Version 0.5
  • Some step types are now visualized
  • New Pattern: Samba - Whisks to Right and Left
  • New Pattern: Samba - Walks in Promenande Position
03/02/2003Version 0.4
  • Added scrollbars to detailed overview
  • Added four new dance patterns
  • Started german translation
02/12/2003Version 0.3
  • Coordinates can be entered relative now
  • Animation now longer blocks the GUI
  • Removing the waypoints wasn't possible
  • Added very limited detailed step overview window
  • It was possible to open the pattern properties window twice
02/08/2003Version 0.2
  • Added doublebuffering of animations
  • All strings are in english now and marked to be translatable
  • The duration of an step is no longer restricted to slow and quick only
  • Added a small ReadMe file
02/05/2003Version 0.1 - Initial public release
  • It's not more than an early alpha
  • You can enter patterns and view them
  • The duration of an step is no longer restricted to slow and quick only
  • Only very little amount (exactly three! ;) ) of patterns are included

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