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MobileDing is indetend as a simple dictionary lookup tool for your Java™ capable handy, especially for Ding files. It includes the Spanish to German dictionary you can find at The dictionary has been released under the GNU Free Documentation License and is maintained by Zeno Gantner.
The implementation is very simple: It scans through a text file and if a match occurs the complete line where the match is situated is displayed.
To install this small tool, transfer the .jar and .jad file you find below to your mobile phone. If you intent to use a different dictionary you have to replace the file called "dictionary" within the .jar file. It is planed to make this more convenient for a later version.


mobileding-src.zip6670 bytes(Version 1.0.0: 14.3.2005)
mobileding.jar71.2 KB(Version 1.0.0: 14.3.2005)
mobileding.jad247 bytes(Version 1.0.0: 14.3.2005)

System requirements

It works on every platform which is capable of executing mobile Java applications. MDIP 1.0 should be sufficient.

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