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Good day! As you have probably already guessed my name is Sebastian Bauer and this is my homepage :) I welcome you cordially. On these pages you will find next to my software also some little information about me as well as some of my hobbies. I hope you can enjoy these pages.


Here you find any news regarding the updating of this site. However news about my software are listed in the Software section or on the page of the appropriate software.

I did some updates regarding the layout. Also, I added a tutorial section, in which some tutorials will be placed.
Finally, after nearly a whole year of silence, I reworked the layout of these pages a little bit. Furthermore, I have been renting a virtual root server recently. So I can host my own SVN server now. For this purpose a new link has been added to the left.
Updated About me section. Additional added all my works (german only) from my computer science studies into the studies section.
Became a partner of Amazon. This is a tryout and maybe there is a possibility to cover the costs of this webspace. Look at the partner for more info. From now on, if you want to order something from them, do this only with this link ;)
Simplified the layout a little bit.
Started moving the contents of my old homepage to this page (Atari800, Freeciv). The rest is in progress.
Not much changes so far. But today I added the studies section which contains the stuff I have done for my studies so far and hopefully some more stuff later.
Finally, after about 4 months since I got this webspace I managed to move my homepage to the new provider. Most stuff is now in PHP. I also enhanced (and try to enhance) the content of my pages a lot. However there are still some major issues left and this page (of course) will be always under heavy construction.

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