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PS was one of my first larger program for the Amiga operating system. This is the historical description written in 1997.

PS is a Toolmanager Clone, which features not only AppMenus, AppIcon and Docks, but also Taskbars. There is only a beta version available, which lacks some smaller features and also has known bugs (especially the prefs program). Actually it seems that this will not change in the future, because the lack of time and my newer projects.
Note that the program can crash your computer, it can even make your harddisk unvalidated. But I used the program for more than a year, and at least PSWBStartup seems to be stable.
I cannot made responsible for any damage the program cause! You have been warned...


ps.lzx118.8 KB(Version 0.3beta: 11.5.1997)

System requirements

The only necessary requirement is that you must have OS3.0 or higher installed.

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