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This is an emulator for the Atari 8-bit computer series (e.g. the most common one is Atari800XL). The emulator is released under the GNU General Public License.
The latest packages for Amiga computers are available from this website. Versions for other systems as well as current source releases (including the amiga sources) are available from the official Atari800XL Emulation Page.
Note that the 68k version of the emulator is discontinued in favour of the PPC version. In case a recent 68k version is still needed, you should contact me (or compile it yourself ;) ).
You can find the necessary ROMs in an old XFormer Demo Archive (link to a Sourceforge Download Site)


atari800-os4.lha301.5 KB(Version 2.3: 29.12.2004)The latest version of the emulator. OS4 only.

System requirements

  • PPC Processor (the faster the better)
  • OS 4.0
  • Atari ROM Files
  • AHI for sound support


atari800-mrdo.png(2451 bytes)atari800-frogger.png(4071 bytes)
Screenshot of my favourite game Mr. Do!And then there is Frogger, which is nice as well

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